Day 1

Arrival at the Airport of San Cristóbal and Visit Punta Carola the Highland

Arrival at the Airport of San Cristóbal, where our Naturalist Guide of the Galapagos National Park will be waiting for you to take you to the hotel and make the respective breaffing of activities and invite you for a welcome cocktail.

On the morning we will visit Punta Carola Beach where we can do three types of activities such as Kayack, Snorkel or Sup(stand up paddle). This beach is one of the best places in Puerto Baquerizo Moreno to swim with baby sea lions, sea turtles and multicolored fish we can also do the surfing activity (November and December months) on the right side of the beach breaks in a beautiful wave.

Lunch at the restaurant.

At evening we will visit the upper part of the Laguna el Junco Island, a crater of a volcano that died millions of years ago, where, over time, a large crystalline water lagoon was formed, where red-breasted frigatebirds and pikemen arrive from the coastal part of the island to wash its plumage of salt water, here we make a tour around the crater of the volcano betwen 45 minutes we can observe beautiful landscapes and endemic vegetation of the island.

Visit the Giant Tortoise Breeding Center of the island CERRO COLORADO here we can see the Giant Great Turtles of the island with a tour of the center we will walk for 40 minutes.

Snorkeling at Puerto Chino beach here will be the end of our day with the last snorkel and large colony of sea lions.


Dinner and Briaffing of Activities of the following day

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Day 2

Full Snorkel: Kicker Rock / Manglesito and Playa Loberia PM

Galapagos Best Option

Departure by yacht to one of the best places in Galapagos to do snorkel LEON DORMIDO or Kicker Rock that is a giant rock 148 meters high in the middle of the sea the form of a sleeping lion is the only place in Galapagos where we can swim with Hammers Head Sharks, also you can swim with sea turtles and white-tipped sharks. This rock also serves as a nesting site for masked boobies and blue-footed boobies.

Lunch on the yacht

In the afternoon we make a little visit to a beach of coral sand where we can relax and do the last snorkeling activity, then we are returning to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno.

Arrive to the hotel and then visite La Lobería here we can take pictures of marine Iguanas nesting in a Natural State, a Large colony of sea lions and we ended the day with a session of photos of a beautiful sunset do not forget that San Cristóbal is the island where you can see the best Galapagos sunset.


Dinner and Briaffing of Activities of the Next Day

Day 3

San Cristóbal-Santa Cruz and Visit EL CHATO and Tortuga Bay or Cracks

Departure Early in the morning after breakfast to Santa Cruz Island Two hours of sailing on yachts Modernly equipped with VHF radio, 3 Fueras de Borda 300HP engines with captain and sailor.

We arrive at Santa Cruz Island known as the economic capital of the Galapagos Islands. This is where all the people who come to visit the Galapagos Islands have to go through Santa Cruz since its central position in the map of the islands makes it possible to transport and visit the most important islands of Galapagos.

Visit the upper part of the island the giant turtle reserve EL CHATO here we can see one of the largest giant turtle species in the world (Geoquelonioelephantopus) in its natural state this reserve belongs to native farmers of the island who have managed to make the Agrotourism develop slowly on Santa Cruz Island.

Here we make a 45-minute walk to observe the giant tortoises. We can also see vegetation endemic to the island, such as Galápagos coffee, Galápagos finches, etc. Lunch at the reserve EL CHATO

In the afternoon we will visit the Tortuga Bay Beach located 45 minutes walk from your hotel. This beach makes your trip a dream come true. This beach is considered one of the beautiful sea beaches of the planet said by TRIPADVISOR.

Here we can observe marine Iguanas nesting, Galápagos finches, Opuntia cactus and in the hot season from November to January we can observe small black fin sharks feeding on the edge of the beach.


Dinner and Activities Briaffing

Galapagos Best Option
Galapagos Best Option
Galapagos Best Option

Day 4

Kayaking tour to the channels of love and Visit Charles Darwin Station.

Departure after breakfast and we do our kayak tour through the bay of Franklin or Punta Estrada here we will have the opportunity to observe very closely the zayapas of the Galapagos, marine iguanas eating seaweed, herons of lava marrying, sea lions and sea turtles.

Lunch in mentioned restaurant

Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station, founded in 1964, to create the Giant Turtle species that are in danger of extinction after the arrival of man on the islands.

Here we can see the famous lonely George a last species of Giant Turtle type Chelonoidis Abingdonii found in 1972 on the island Pinta was the only species that saw on this island since their entire species was disappeared by pirates and whalers who passed by islands.

Today we can see this specimen embalmed since he died on June 24, 2012.

We can also observe different species of giant tortoises, terrestrial Iguanas and marine Iguanas in their natural state, Galapagos finches, endemic plants of the island Como la Scalesia Pedunculata, Matazarnos and Opuntia type cactus and candelabra.

Dinner and briffing of activities on the yacht NEMO 1

(navigation in the early morning)

Day 5

Isabela, Punta Moreno and Bahía Elizabeth

Visit after Punta Moreno Breakfast Located in the western part of the Archipelago in the Bolívar channel, this channel is considered the point of reception of the oceanic currents from the north and south that bring vital nutrients to the food chain of Galápagos animals here We can usually observe whales, dolphins, Galapagos sharks and blue sharks, Galapagos penguins, non-flying Cormorants etc.

In Punta Moreno there is a great variety of mangroves where it serves as a nesting site for sea turtles. We can take a walk with our Naturalist guide to observe pink flamingos and marine Iguanas, then we make a Panga Ride (Panga ride) to observe the different types of mangroves. You can also do the snorkel activity.

Lunch on the yacht

Disembark in Elizabeth Bay formed by the union of two volcanoes (Sierra Negra Volcano and Alcedo Volcano) here we can see giant mangroves, finches of Galapagos and pink flamingos after the walk we can do the activity of snorkeling and Panga Ride and sighting of blue-footed boobies , masked boobies, gulls etc.

Dinner and Breffing of activities

(short navigation in the early morning)

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Day 6

Fernandina, Punta Espinoza and Urbina Bay

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We disembarked on the youngest island of the archipelago with an age of 700,000 thousand years ago Fernandina transport us to the time of the beginning of the evolution of the species.

Here we will walk near the hot spot where all the Galapagos Islands originated, this island is the most active of the archipelago since it is constantly erupting here we can observe different types of lava fluids, large colonies of marine iguanas, flightless cormorants and penguins of Galapagos, after the hike we snorkel here is considered the best place to swim with Galapagos penguins, sharks, sea turtles, sea lions and different types of multicolored fish.

Lunch on the yacht

Visit Bahía Urbina originated by a volcanic upheaval more than 50 years ago here we made a trek to see Terrestrial iguanas one of the largest species of the archipelago we can also see organic terrestrial Turtles of the volcano alcedo after the hike we do the snorkeling activity here we can swim on a large coral platform inhabited by Galapagos penguins, flightless cormorants and white-tipped sharks.

Dinner on the yacht

(long navigation in the early morning)


Day 7

Santiago Island, Puerto Egas / Espumilla Beach and Bucanero Bay

Visit Santiago Island, we disembark in Puerto egas a bay with a calcareous sand beach where a large colony of sea lions inhabit and the famous wolves of two hairs the second species of sea lions that inhabit the islands here we did a 50 minute walk To see these specimens we can also see some natural pools formed by lava flows..

In the nesting season (Nov to March) of marine iguanas we can observe a large number of these reptiles warming up in the lava rock.

Snorkeling from the beach here we can do the swimming activity or surface snorkeling with sea lions and sea turtles.

Lunch on the yacht

Visit Espumilla Beach here we disembark and we made a walk to see a large natural lagoon formed by the accumulation of rainwater previously there was a large colony of pink flamingos but due to the effects of the phenomenon of the child these migrated to other areas.

Esta playa es un sitio de anidación de tortugas marinas en la época de anidación de (Nov a Marzo) es donde mas se las puede ver en la playa poniendo huevos.

Visita caleta Bucanero es uno de los lugares muy transcurridos por piratas y balleneros hace mas de 150 años aquí podemos realizar el segundo snorkel del dia el agua es muy cristalina excelente para poder nadar con tortugas marinas y lobos marinos.


Cena y Breffing de actividades

(navegación corta en la madrugada)

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Galapagos Best Option

Day 8

Visit Daphne Mayor and Transfer to Baltra Airport

Visit Daphne Island a small volcanic tuff cone formed by successive explosions produced by the mixture of lava and water this place hosts a variety of birds of tortoises such as finches of Galapagos, blue-footed boobies and masked boobies you can also see pelicans nesting, the Yacht takes a tour around the rock.


Transfer to Baltra airport




Galapagos Best Option
Galapagos Best Option

Miconia, Isla San Cristóbal

Sea Side, Isla San Cristóbal

Galapagos Best Option
Galapagos Best Option

Red Mangrove, Puerto Ayora

Water Front, Puerto Ayora



  • Nights: Day1, Day2 in hotel: Miconia or Sea Side Inn in San Cristóbal
  • Nights: Day 3 in Hotel: Wáter Front Inn or Red Mangle in Santa Cruz
  • Nights: Day 4,5,6 and 7 on yacht Nemo I
  • Activities guided by Certified Bilingual Guides by the Galapagos National Park
  • Breakfast at Hotel
  • Lunch and dinner at Miconia and El Giardino restaurant or Isla Grill
  • Breakfast lunch and dinner on the yacht
  • Purified water
  • Snorkel Equipment and Neoprene Suits
  • Transfer airport hotel / yacht to the airport.
  • Kayack



  • Entrance to the Galapagos National Park USD 100
  • Airplane tickets
  • Immigration Card of Consejo de Gobieno de Galápagos USD 20
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tips
  • Taxes of 12%
  • Impuesto de muellaje en la isla Isabela 10 USD
  • 15% discount for children up to 9 years old
  • Special discounts for families more than 3 people




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The total amount have to paying before you arrive to Galápagos.





Any Cancellations or Changes last minute by the customer THE TRAVEL AGENCY charging a penalty fees.

The Galapagos  National Park has the right to any changes in the itinerary when it is always caused by Natural Disasters or Scientific Research Projects .

If a passenger has a personal problem or legal reasons or more kinds that prevent their presence at the time of your flight you will be considered NO SHOW and they will not be subject to any REFUND by the agency.

The travel agency appreciates your trust and we want to welcome  to our home and we wishing  this trip a  good memory you will never forget.





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Taxes and feeds are included.

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